CSI chtristian college

Department of Library

Library is the pivot of the college. It is the place for learning and gathering knowledge. From library, students get new information and ideas related to teaching and research.

Department Profile

Our library has more than 3000 books, journals, magazines, audio-visual material, CD-Rooms and well bound collections of more than 2000 volume of books in Physiotherapy and Medicine. Our library subscribes to international journals& national journals in all branches of Physiotherapy which make easy access to gain & gather the required information & knowledge in the field of Physiotherapy.
In our library highly qualified and efficient staff members are available to disseminate the best possible information services to students systematically and regularly collect relevant books, journals, magazines & strengthening the resources of the library to acquision & dissemination of information to faculty & students. More recently, Libraries are understood as extending beyond the physical wall of a building by including material accessible by electronic means and use of projectors and by providing the assistance Librarians in navigating and analyzing tremendous amount of knowledge with a variety of digital tools.

CSI chtristian college