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Physiotherapy is a therapeutic system of medicine which includes examination , diagnosis, treatment, advice and instruction to any person connection with movement dysfunction, bodily mal function , physical disorder, disability, healing and pain from trauma and disease. By using physical agents including exercise, mobilisation, manipulation, mechanical and electrotherapy activity and devices.

Our institution which has been established on the far reaching vision of promoting quality education is experience in all round growth in all the aspect. It is a gratifying note that the college is functioning very well with the full co-operation of the management, staff and students. The members of the teaching faculty of the college have been doing their best by fulfilling the demands of education in the present scenario.

The learning environment and the exposure which they get through the college are tremendous. We provide core skills like Manual Therapy,Therapeutic Exercises and the application of modalities such as Short Wave Diathermy,Interferential Therapy, Ultrasound,TENS, Electrical Stimulator,Paraffin Wax,Traction, Electric Massagers,Infrared Rays,Ultra Violet Units,etc. The college provide quality education, but also ensure that the students leave the college with an overall well developed personality.

I am sure that all the activities of our college will enlighten the lives of the students. I express my gratitude to you all.

Dr. D. Basil Jebaslin Durai MPT(ortho)
Principal, Christian college of physiotherapy
Phone; +91 09994666916, 09443729254
Land Line; 04651 - 227774

CSI chtristian college
CSI christian college

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CSI christian college