About Us

The Christain College of Physiotherapy was sprouted in the year 1999, growing at an inspiring phase. Our institution boasts of the equipment and infrastructure. It is the first choice of every discerning parents, and aspiring student due to its academic reach, quality of education. Thus this Institution emerge as a conglomerate of top class academic institution taking pride in having nurture knowledge that lead to global happiness and prosperity.

Our Vision

The church of South India institution for higher learning and holistic development of the individuals and the society.

To impact quality education in the field of physiotherapy.

‎To impact value oriented education to the student,teachers and to empower them into full-fledged to lead and guide the society.

Our Mission

Teaching, Preaching and Healing cannot be seperated from each other because our Lord himself was involved in these ministries.

To offer the higher standards of medical treatment, to treat patients with the care, comparison and commitment.

‎Quality health Alcatel delivery to the needy with competence at affordable cost .